Isle of Wight , not White!!

The inspiration for as a name derives from the confusion as to what the name of our island actually is. Many still believe it is ‘The Isle of White’. The actual name for our island is ‘The Isle of Wight’ . The name is historical and a variety of versions on the origin exist. Some even think a passport is required, but the only passport you will require is a passport to fun and adventure.

The term ‘white’ certainly isn’t lost on this unique spur of land seperating the Solent and the English Channel. Much of the Island is made up of chalk ; inland, and on the coast. In fact, it is difficult to go anywhere without some proof of this. The coastline itself is made up of large sections of chalk cliffs, constantly eroding into the sea, but the downs themselves are largely made up of chalk which makes for excellent Mountain Biking terrain complete with awe inspring views form one end to the other at the Island highest points.